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Welcome To CB Tricks!

Welcome to the new CB Tricks!

This site began April 01, 2000 and provides a wide variety of technically oriented information aimed at the Citizens Band, and Amateur, Radio market!

Our goal is to provide the most complete and accurate information possible to help beginner, and professional, radio operators and technicians.

Thanks for visiting with us!

As Most of you know this site contributes a major amount of information to users world wide!
Many of it's users gain a vast amount of knowledge and most make a profit from the info found on this site! Some users even sell the information on ebay and other auction sites! This site cost money to maintain and keep running every month and many of it's users would be lost without the resources it provides! All that we ask is that if you enjoy the site and want to keep it here for your use, is to make a small donation by clicking on the PayPal donation icon at the bottom of the page! The Donate icon will be activated soon as we update the site!

Thank you for your continued support!

Site Updates :

2016 - New Magnum One Radio
Updated 02/02/2016
TopGun Technologies Quad 5 Radio
PowerBand & Palomar RF Products





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