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RFX75 Update

RFX75 Update Feb, 2010

These improvements apply to RFX75's with serial number 49090000 and higher.
The serial numbering scheme as follows:
The first 2 digits of the serial number is the week of the year (01 - 52), the second 2 digits is the year, and the last 4 digits is the unit number.
Therefore, units starting with the serial number 4909xxxx were manufactured the 49th week of 2009. These units
started shipping frist week of Feb, 2010.

The following list of improvements was made:

1) All coax cables are now RG-316 (larger gauge and more conductors) with TFE insulators and Teflon jacketing.

2) Coax cables are now color coded:
a. RF INPUT: Coax with Yellow Tubing
b. RF OUTPUT: Coax with Red Tubing
c. RX OUT: Coax with Black Tubing

3) C8 is now a 1000pF, 500V dipped mica capacitor - much more stable.

4) Updated positive power lead and switched to a higher quality 10 amp fuse.

5) PCB layout was changed slightly with some component positioning updated. New PCB is marked RFX75_rev2.

Schematic Diagram (Serial number 49090000 and higher)

Updated Install guide for Magnum Transceivers
Magnum S-3, Magnum S-6, and Magnum S-9 10 Meter Amateur Transceivers with Main Printed Circuit Board Numbers* 9821R17 through 9821R21

No changes to the other instruction sheets are required.


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